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Full Version: ldglite 1.3.1
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So, after 12 years of dithering, I've finally incorporated the ldrawini sourceforge code into ldglite so it can use a part search strategy compatible with ldview and l3p.  The new code is in the ldglite CVS and github repositories.  And for now, I've built a pair of new Windows executables.  One is a regular ldglite release, and the other is a special build that automatically uses the new -2g,2x command line setting for any offscreen rendering.  The new setting renders a cleaner antialiased image.  That might be useful as a drop in replacement for ldglite in lpub4 or LPub3D.

You can find it at the same old ldglite.sourceforge.net location.  If I can convince myself that some version of lpub works on Macs,then I'll also try to crank out a new OSX build.