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Full Version: Textured sticker generator
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Hi all I wrote a very quick and dirty sticker generator


Might be useful to get simple sticker parts going.

Feel free to comment / use it in any way.
Nice Wink
A few details...
- With the default '0.5' thickness, the generated sticker has a 0.25 thickness (kind of good thing since default LDraw stickers are supposed to be 0.25 ldu thick!).
- I know there is a debate about this, but currently the stickers shouldn't contain edge lines, so a box5-12 should be used instead of box5.
I've adjusted the thickness usage and made the edges optional.

I didn't check the sticker specs as I made this while testing something texmap related and I got tired of manually figuring out the coordinates.

Also parts without edges don't highlight in LDCad Smile

I was also thinking about adding rounded corners and a margin to make it more realistic.