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Full Version: color codes for silver vs metal ?
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(continuing the quoting for completeness)

At Thu Dec 15 00:40:03 2011, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: novote
I took from the mentioned thread that 383 only should be used
for lacquered plastic, whereas 494 would be "silverish" metal,
like the electric portions, but also metal axles.

ldconfig.ldr already provides different metal variations
(copper-like, chrome-like, gold-like, etc.pp.).

To me, it would be canonical to just add the different variations
in shinyness there. However, I already had trouble asking for
a magnet material there (see LDRAW forums). So I think that
asking for shinyness variations will again trigger a long discussion
which could take us again over 1 year. I really want to avoid that.
The current discussion status quo at the mentioned thread as
reached a consensus after long time, and there are many parts here
sitting on the PT waiting to just get outta here. I suggest
that we stick to the current compromise and let the parts go
at least for a first iteration from the PT. They can at any point
of time return, should the new discussion lead to a new compromise.
Just some thoughts to share.
(continuing the quoting for completeness)

At Thu Dec 15 00:40:03 2011, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Steffen
Certification: certify
whoups, didn't mean to downgrade
(continuing the quoting for completeness)

At Thu Dec 15 10:50:07 2011, the following review was posted:

Reviewer: Philo
Certification: certify
OK, let's go!
I solved all metallic silver issues for the patterns of 973 (Minifig Torso). Additionally I closed some gaps and BFCed a few patterns. Chris will probably submit my work results in the week after next.
Should patterns be using 80 (as in the files you sent) or 179?

According to this: [Image: silver_lego_chart.png] color 179 is for molded parts with aluminium powder additive, where as color 80 is for surface painted parts.
Thanks for the clarification - it's not the first time I have found this thread difficult to decipher.
Philippe \Philo\" Hurbain Wrote:According to this: [Image: silver_lego_chart.png] color 179 is for molded parts with aluminium powder additive, where as color 80 is for surface painted parts.

FWIW, if a part is "Pearl Light Grey" on Peeron, it's usually a 131 part (not 179), and -- indeed -- the real photo of the part for 135 in that chart is of a 131 part.

Missing from the above chart:
296 Cool Silver
301 Metalized Silver
304 Cool Silver, Diffuse (I mention this for completeness, one could argue it doesn't apply)
315 Silver Metallic

None of those are chrome silver or electric-contact silver, BTW.

-- joshua
Steffen Wrote:at http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg...144485.dat , Magnus wrote:

Quote:There is no doubt that this must be the right color here.
I have put together this picture, which shows good examples
of the different silver colors.

[Image: silver_lego_chart.png]

This picture has been confirmed by both
Scott Wardlow, manager of ldconfig.ldr and
Philippe Hurbain, creator of visualldconfig.mpd.

LDraw Pearl Colors
Should be used for parts made in a "metal-looking", sometimes "softer", plastic.
LDraw Metallic Colors
Should be used for painted/printed parts.

I apologize if I have contributed to this confusion.

OK, I have more time this time to comment on this...

The first part in this chart (listed with LDRAW color 80) is
59898 Drum lacquered tournament helmet
It has only ever come in color 298 Cool Silver, Drum Lacq
That was a very good example element.

The second element (by LDRAW color 135) is
57575 Mask 2 2007
It has come in colors 26 Black and 131 Silver
It's not a good example of color 179 Flip/Flop Silver (Silver Flip/Flop) [depending on the chart, the name TLG uses is slightly different]. TLG color 179 is rare, it's only been used on a very small number of parts: 6 early Bionicle masks

The third element (by LDRAW color 179) is
93594 Rim no. 2 ΓΈ11, 176x6.2
and it comes in color 315 (see below)

Now we get to the TLG colors not in this list:

296 Cool Silver can be thought of as an earlier 131 Silver. Parts were often released in both, but 296 had much shorter runs (so I think 131 supplanted it). One good example of a part that came in both 296 and 131 is 46453 Rectangular air inlet.

301 Metalized Silver
Only two parts came in this color, and they aren't actual LEGO elements (they are clickets jewelry parts)

304 Cool Silver, Diffuse
This is one of the colors with a "splattered" silver over a base (black, I believe). Not really useable in LDRAW apps yet.

315 Silver Metallic
The newest silver. Lots of elements ome in this color now, from 2009 onwards. Castle accessories in abundance. In addition to the image in the chart, another good example of this part is
62691 Mini figure arm w/cored knob
from the minifigures series (and, earlier, the Agents sets).
315 Silver metallic is the more common arm in that entry. The "Space Villian" figure has the same arm in Titanium Metallic, he's the only one so far with that color.

-- joshua

EDIT: added parenthetical guess about the "unknown" part being TLG color 131
EDIT: added information about the third image in the chart
I found something odd.

[Image: 7191262428_997503e7b0_b.jpg]

If a metallic color is subparted and it's the ONLY color in this subpart color 16 in the subpart it looks really glossy as intended (green arrows). But if they're subparted together with other colors with some other color defined via color 16 they look flat (red arrows). Is that a bug in LDView or something else?

That happens if I view the part directly. If I put it in a model and view it all metallic colors look flat.
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