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Full Version: Where to post stickers?
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I am currently creating some stickers for models I own, I want to share some but where to upload these? MOC or Official Models? Somewhere else or just upload them to the parts tracker?

It is great that you will add stickers to the library.

For a start have a look at the Sticker Specs
This will give you additional tips and hints. You may also use DATHeader to check if the sticker file is properly formatted.

To upload them to the Part-Tracker you need to get the permission from Chris, the PT-Admin: To become a member of the Submitter group please email [email protected], including your LDraw username.
The email needs to include your true first and last names and your LDraw.org username. You must also include the statement "I accept the LDraw.org Contributor Agreement with regards to all past and future contributions I make to LDraw.org".