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Full Version: UPDATE/VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Forums software shift imminent.
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We will be shifting to a new software platform for the forums very soon. All your account info (including passwords) and posts should make the switch but in case there is a bug in the conversion script (I'm not perfect after all), your email address will need to be up to date in order for you to regain access to your account. You can find the form to update here:

Thank you for your continued participation in LDraw,
Orion Pobursky
Hi Orion, I cannot vote on the PT anymore:
PT Wrote:Sorry, your userid must have reviewer privileges to post a 'hold' or 'certify' review
, I think this is related to that move, right?

Would it make sense to place a note at the PT that it temporarily cannot be used
(during the move)?
Not sure what's wrong with your account, but I can vote at least 'hold'.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

The PT authentication had been modified in preparation for the forum switch. Currently it should authenticate against this (Phorum) forum, if you are logged in here. Otherwise it will try to authenticate against your new (myBB) forum credentials.
Seems to work fine for me.
I can't upload my files.
I logged out here and in again, but still cannot vote "certify" here:
try logging into the beta site:

See if that allows you to post.
I can post there.
Anything you post there will be wiped out when I do the conversion. I posted that link for troubleshooting Parts Tracker logins only. If you're having issues with the forums then start a separate topic.
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