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Full Version: Site Icons Needed
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I need a volunteer who is better at image editing than me to make up some icon for the forums.

The size/style I want is similar to this:

Maybe with a Lego or LDraw flair.

Needed titles are:
* Steering Committee or SteerCo
* Standards Board or LSB
* Administrator
* LDraw.org Member
* James Jessiman Memorial Award or JJMA
* Parts Author
* Parts Author/Reviewer
* Library Administrator
* Anything else you think may be relevant
What should be the original resolution be and what size shall they have "usually"? Like the one you listed as an example?
Size isn't fixed but about the same size as the example. Can be slightly larger, longer, shorter, or more squarish if that fits the design better.
I'll give it a try.

These are 100 x 20:


It would help if they could be longer. There is a difference between "Parts Author" and "Parts Author/Reviewer" or "Library Administrator"

Not sure it's a good idea to have a red brick on a red background. Maybe this background should be more neutral? Another question is the color of the brick itself, forum icon brick beeing blue. And yes, I know, criticism is easy Wink
They can be longer. I'm also with Philo that the red on red is visually unpleasing.
Second try:


These are 150 x 20.


EDIT: Should now be in original size
Willy, Could you please resize them all, so that we can see them all three in 1:1?
How do they look without any black/grey inside the letters?
Thanks for your effort. Looks gook but the text kind of disappears into the blue background. It would be cool if the side icon could somehow reflect the title. Then we could have small icons as well.
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