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Full Version: Part snapping plate 1x1 round in LDCad is difficult?
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Is it me and is this a silly question or does anyone else experience difficulty placing a 1x1 plate round in LDCad with part snapping turned on? Dragging this part from the part bin to the model almost never finds a connection or a strange one for me.

I am having serious trouble placing this part in any model while other (small) parts (like a normal 1x1 plate) work perfectly fine.

My € 0,02...
1x1 round plate also behaves a bit weird for me. I'd call it 'sensitive'. When I look at my model from a steep angle, it very often jumps between on top of the plate/brick I try to attach it and under the plate/brick. When I look at my model from a lower angle, everything works fine and I can just place it on the of the other part.
See illustrated screencapture here:
(might take a few minutes more to be public, just recorded and uploaded)
Seems indeed to be a bit more picky than even the similar 1x1 round with stud hole.
I see. But why? Or is it not that interesting? ;-)
It's probably caused by the whole outer shape having a single snap info (so it also snaps into beam holes). The shape/size of that info (bounding box) makes it more likely to 'win' the connection tests.

I'll see if I can improve that behavior somehow. If it really bothers you you could replace the outer shape by just a simple stud one.