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Full Version: Feature request LPub3D - Free shapes
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Hi Trevor and others,

What do you think of the following idea:

There are several shapes that can be generated by LPub3D.
For example the PLI box and Callout box with their properties like border, background color, etc.

Would it be possible to add these kind of shapes as objects?

Implement as right-click "Add shape > box" or in the Edit menu "Add shape > box"
Maybe a circle too or lines too?

These boxes should be able to have the same properties as the PLI and Callout box, like square or round border, background color or transparent, etc. Position dragable on single step pages or relative to other objects on multi step pages.

Regarding this I have yet another request: would it be possible to be able to reshape existing shapes (using handles like you can do now with the callout arrows and images).
For example I sometimes want a a Callout box to be bigger or otherwise shaped than the generated one.
Hi Jaco,

This is possible but it would require considerable effort. Do you mind launching a poll to see what the community thinks about this feature ?
I don't mind, but how do I create a poll here?