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Full Version: Importing protocol from CATIA,Solidworks or AutoCAD
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I am a newbie who would like to import my design from CATIA. Can anyone please provide the necessary steams such that i get a ready part for assembly in LeoCAD. Also is there any way for me to import the .DAT file into CATIA for assembly?
From CATIA to ldraw :

Save you CATIA part to STLl and use stl2dat to get a DAT part.
Be aware that such part will not be ldraw standards compatible and will need to be reworked. If it is only for you own use, then it would be fine.

From ldraw to CATIA :

Use ldview to save you DAT part to STL, import you STL file into CATIA. Then you will need to rework the mesh, close holes and you should be able to solidify it to get a CATIA part.