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Full Version: Space / Unitron
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Topic for the Space / Unitron theme.
Space / Unitron / 1787 - Crater Cruiser

[Image: 20454950644_9fc339d8c1_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant
Errors: None
Space / Unitron / 1789 - Star Hawk II

[Image: 20917213899_8e24db6acf_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant
Errors: None
Space / Unitron / 1793 - Space Station Zenon

[Image: 21170554736_7ec97332b1_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant
Errors: None
Is there any reason you haven't included set 6991? I'm not complaining, just wondering Wink
Yes, because I'm missing parts 2889 and 2890 and I don't want to submit uncomplete sets.
I've realized that the 1789 - Star Hawk II set still had the ROTATION entries.
I've removed them, could you update the OMR please?
The file can be redownloaded above.