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Full Version: New images for site/forum etc.
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[Image: forum.png]
[Image: website.png]

A while back I rerendered the LDraw brick as I needed a large version of it (found here). As you can see I've now used this new version to generate a new version of the main logo as well as a possible forum logo.

These were generated in GIMP which means that I can upload the source file to the website so that anyone can edit it with free software. The brick is also released under a Creative Commons license. I think this is important.

Anyway, I'm no graphic designer so I thought I'd see what people thought about these images, and the change to a full open source design framework.


[Image: forum.png]
[Image: ldrawbrick-green.png]

Updated to add colour differentiation and uploaded versions of 2x2 brick in different colours.


I would suggest to at least use different colors for forums and the main logo,
otherwise I would find them too indistinguishable.
I don't want to read the logo text each time.
This is already done. The image cache screws it up.

Click through


THis folder will always have the latest.

that folder seems to not be public, so I cannot see it

EDIT: huh, probably it would be not a good idea to make it public,
as then the logo might already be copied elsewhere or (ab)used.
While the logos are drafts, it's maybe better to have them private.
I'll wait until I see them appear on ldraw.org :-)
can we have a svg version of the logo be uploaded somewhere, please?

this will make it very easy for people to play variants of the logo(s),
and to suggest others and/or modifications.
SVG is not so easy. The image is a combination of rendering and LDView output which doesn't lend itself to vector graphics.

Eventually I'll upload all the files but I'll wait for the new website to do that given the timing. One of the reasons I redid the logo a while back was to make sure it was all there for anyone to play with (just like LDraw itself).

However, I can provide everything used to create it by email until then. GIMP XCF files, renders, wireframes etc.

I just want to drop a small note here about something which has confused me from the very beginning of ldraw.org:
the logo shows a rendering on the left, and a wireframe on the right.
However, when doing a render, the wireframe comes first.
Since the site currently uses left-to-right reading order, as it is English currently,
I had expected that the wireframe in the red brick is at the left side, and then smoothly
transitions into the rendered red brick.
However, it is vice versa, and this has made me wonder from the beginning when I saw that logo the first time.
Just wanted to share this with you :-)
[Image: bricks-v2-green-reverse.png]

I suspect it's because the current direction looks better.

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