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Full Version: Message error script console ldcad1.5
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Hello friends, how are you?
I'm starting now in CAD 1.5 and I already have scripting issue.
I'll copy my script here for you guys give a look.
function register () ani site = ldc.animation ('demo') ani: SetLength (20)
ani: SetEvent ('frame', 'onframe') end function onframe () Local ani = ldc.animation.getCurrent () Local mainSf = ldc.subfile () Local ori = ldc.matrix () Local teste5 = mainSf: getRef ( 'teste5.ldr') Local angle = 720 * ani: getFrameTime () / ani: getLength () ori: setRotate (angle, 1,0,0) teste5: Setori (ori) end
register ()
This popping up a message;
[String "teste2.lua"]: 15: Active refline link needed.
someone please help me ...
I can not find anything about it.
No one can help me with script ???
I am Brazilian and I do not speak English ..
Someone please..
Don't be so impatient!!! If/when someone has an answer to propose he will chime in! I had a look at your script but don't see clearly what might be wrong. Maybe your should post your mpd file too, that would help.
the 'mainSf:getRef ( 'teste5.ldr')' call probably failed to locate the asked part leaving the ref unlinked. Are you sure it is the correct name (case sensitive)
Thanks for attention .. sorry but my anxiety is that I can not solve alone because I do not know sometimes program nothing but love lego engineering.
The correct name of this but do not know how to solve ....
I need more help ...
Ps. My English is bad.
You should really post your LDraw model file!
Managed to solve after many sips of coffee ...
The problem was that I was not adding in submodel so I was not thinking ..
Now I managed to make a shaft rotate.
Thanks for the help of all.
sorry for the inconvenience in the forum, but I'm really interested in learning.
Good bye and thanks.
I've just deleted 5 messages from you which where cross posted all over the forums. In case this happens again because of your impatience I'm gonna block your account.

LDraw Content Manager
Got it.
It will not happen again.
excuse me.