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Full Version: Concerning the p/8 and p/48 folders
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I am looking for information on the p/8 and p/48 folders in regards to their location when searching the library for a part. Allow me to explain.

I am helping out with a Python-based .dat/.ldr parser (https://github.com/Tribex/LDRParser) that I eventually plan to use in my Blender import plugin (https://github.com/le717/LDR-Importer). As it stands, the parser does not support the 8/48 folders and I am looking into implementing it. I do have those folders supported in my plugin but lately I have begun to think I have implemented it incorrectly. I could not find a spec containing the info I am looking for, hence this topic. (If I am in the wrong section, please move it.) Smile

Currently, I have the search path set up as so (assume HighRes and LowRes are strings representing a three option, mutual selection (so basically, radio buttons). The third value is StandardRes but unused.):

ldrawDir = "C:/LDraw"
paths = []
paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "models"))

// Unofficial parts
if exists(join(ldrawDir, "unofficial"))
  paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "unofficial", "parts"))
  if opt == HighRes
    paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "unofficial", "p", "48"))
  else if opt == LowRes
    paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "unofficial", "p", "8"))
paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "unofficial", "p"))

// Standard library
paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "parts"))
if opt == HighRes
  paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "p", "48"))
else if opt == LowRes
  paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "p", "8"))
paths.append(join(ldrawDir, "p"))

My questions are:
1. Is this the correct search order I should be using?
2. Are use of the 8/48 mutual as I have it or not?
3. Any other errors I have in this code?

Thanks! Smile
These aren't intended to both be added to the LDraw search path at the same time. To the best of my knowledge, they are intended for two uses:
  • Replacement for standard 16-facet equivalents
  • High/low-resolution geometry specifically referenced in a part
Neither usage would have them both added to the search path. For the first usage, a program would look in either p/8 or p/48 before looking in p. So either p/8 or p/48 would be added to the search path before p, but not both.

For the second usage, 48/ or 8/ is included in the part file itself prior to the dat filename. So, if a part has a large-radius circle, it can use 48/4-4cyli.dat instead of 4-4cyli.dat. The p/48/4-4cyli.dat file would then be picked up while processing the standard p part of the LDraw search path, not with a specific scan inside p/48.

Programs are free to completely ignore the 8 and 48 directories. If they do so, they will work fine (as long as they append the full part name/path to each entry in their search path while searching for the part, and don't just take the filename part).