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Full Version: [Poll] To where should the top-left picture link?
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Personally I find it really frustrating that the LDraw.org logo in the top left corner links to the main website and not the forums. But I suspect that its 'natural destination' might vary depending on who you are.

So I'd like to take a poll of people here to see what users think. When it comes to UI issues like this I figure the users are collectively more accurate than the webmasters.

So please vote. I've left it open indefinitely but the sooner we get a bunch of votes (and a trend) the sooner decisions can be made one way or another.

The picture says: "LDraw.org", so unless you change the picture so it says "LDraw forum" it should link to the main site .
Agreed. Actually that also reminds me that it should say "Centralised" to keep with the AUEnglish standard.

Logically, it should link to ldraw.org.

However... as a user, my first intuition (before clicking it) was that it would bring me to the front page of the forums. (It was rather annoying to type in forums.ldraw.org to return to the main page before I noticed the LDraw.org > Forums link directly under the banner.)

There is the possibility that if it links to the main forum page, and if someone unacquainted with LDraw happens to stumble upon the forums for the first time via google or a blog or whatever, they may assume that the main forum page is the main ldraw page. Along those lines, I propose we modify the image at the top to clearly state that we are on the forums, not LDraw.org itself.

Whatever we decide, I think it should be re-evaluated when the new main site is launched.
I like to add that this is an easy change so whatever is decided, I can change it right away. Actually I might even be able to make it a user changeable option.
I'm on record that the logo at the top of the forum pages should go to the front page of the forums. At least, that's what I keep thinking will happen whenever I click on it!
Tim Gould Wrote:Agreed. Actually that also reminds me that it should say "Centralised" to keep with the AUEnglish standard.


Done http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...00#pid2100
What about creating a forum logo with a distinct graphic look (might be as simple as a different brick color - I don't think the simple text change as done by Tim is enough to know which is which at first sight). Then we could have a forum logo on the left leading to forum top, and a LDraw logo on the right, leading to LDraw website.
Totally agree. Willy suggested this to me by email too. He also suggested some other changes that are a bit harder so it will take a bit longer.

I agree with previous posters:
As long as the image says "ldraw.org Logo", it should link to ldraw.org.
Would it show an "ldraw.org Forums Logo", it should link to the forums start page.
So I cannot vote currently, because I cannot express this :-(

why not have 2 images there at the top?
one with the ldraw.org logo, it links to ldraw.org.
one with the ldraw.org forums logo, it links to the forums start page :-))))
Completely agree with this. Left-top should, IMO, link to the forum (since this is standard for most sites), Right-top should link to the main site.

But I'm happy for them to be the reverse.
I like this idea too.
How's it now?
ALmost perfect. But you need to update the red brick image with the latest from my BS. Willy made me update it Wink

the ldraw.org logo should be at the same place all over the site ldraw.org.

It should not jump from left to right etc.

As you already wrote, most other sites have the logo in the top left,
so we should do that the same.

So we just need a place for the "forums" home image.

I suggest to not put it to right corner, because this maximises the distance to the top left corner,
and all navigation should be accumulated at some central place.

So my suggestion is:
1. put ldraw.org logo to top left corner across all pages, including the forums.
2. put ldraw.org forums logo just next to it
nice, the 2 images are now present :-)

what is confusing to me now is that the ldraw.org logo jumps from the top left corner
(e.g. on page www.ldraw.org, or on the PT)
to the top right corner
(in the forums).

it should be at the same place always.
I prefer top left corner for that purpose.
can the favicon.ico of the forums be changed to the blue brick as well?
Having thought about this some more (and looked at other sites) I agree with you.

It would also make them follow the breadcrumbs.

... or we could generate a "Parts Tracker" logo for the top left of the PT and put the main LDraw logo also on the top right there. I had been thinking about that challenge as part of the "Parts Requestor" development.

Tim, would it be possible to have images other colours with the text "Parts Tracker" and "Parts Requestor"?
So switch the positions?
Very easy. I've got it all set up now for easy editing and rendering.

Any preferences for colours?

I like Chris' suggestion too though: each section has its own link in the top left while the main site link remains in the top right.

Perhaps switch them for now (to keep in consistent with the present site design) and when we redo the website we can make a final decision.
currently, yes, please,
because currently the forums are the only sub-site which let the logo jump from top-left corner to top-right.

should a later decision decide to put it somewhere else,
this can easily be done,

but currently, user interface coherence is more important IMHO
Ok, so how should we do the main site logo? I'm currently editing the new site now so if we finalized the look I can incorporate it into the design.
Switching is easy so when we decide how to do this in the future, I can just edit the CSS.
The blue logo doesn't seem to have the proper link attached. For me, it's always a link to the current page I'm looking at, no matter what that is.
same here. should point to http://forums.ldraw.org IMHO
Fixed. A typo in the setting template.
Could it blend to transparent instead of blend to white? IMHO it would look better against the light-grey (gray?) background.
Yes it can in theory. But I haven't decided if I prefer it enough to try it yet Smile
Both logos need some room above and below. My guess is 20-30 px.

How's that? We still haven't answered the question of where the main site's logo will go.
Orion Pobursky Wrote:How's that? We still haven't answered the question of where the main site's logo will go.

Better! Try 5 px more. As for the logo: Top, left-hand corner (as almost all sites).