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Full Version: 10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle [Star Wars]
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10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle [Star Wars]

[Image: 640x762.jpg]

Download MPD-file (OMR compliant)
Done with LDCad 1.5 Beta 2a

- no stickers
- wrong patterned parts (cockpit, minifigs)

The mpd-file contains 114 submodels, 5 minifigs and 628 steps.

According to the instructions, this model is in a “certain kind of disorder”. Usually the main model grows step by step by adding submodels to the main model. For the 10212 set this is kind of different. The main model switches from time to time: A new submodel is built and then the supposed main model is added to this new submodel. So the submodel gets the new main model. Usually it’s vice versa.