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Looking for OMR version of:

10197 - Fire Brigade

10211 - Grand Emporium

to add to the AIOI. Thanks,

I had started the Fire Brigade long time ago, but I have not enough time to complete it. I stopped due to the fact, that 64951 wasn't available in the past, but now it is. And for the moment I have another project. Of course 10197 is in queue and will be done, approx. in October. If you want to, I can send you the file of the WIP...(but remember it isn't OMR-like ;-) )

Hej, I have finished the Fire Brigade ;-)
It's not OMR compilant and the part 62810 isn't available on the PT. Maybe it's available in LDD, that it could be converted.
Ok, now I'm almost ready for my holidays. See you again in October ;-)

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