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Full Version: 98385 Minifig Hair Spiked
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I've looked all around, and no one seems to have asked for his part yet (which I'm actually kind of surprised about). It's not the easiest part, but I've found it's used a lot, so if anyone could put themselves up for it, that'd be great. Smile
I found a good hi-res pic of it if that helps.

(The picture isn't mine)
Hello Ethan,

and the part is available in the LDD. That means there exists already a raw version of the part: http://www.digital-bricks.de/en/file.php?part=98385.

I'm very new to this software (I just got it a few days ago), so I'm not really sure what to do with that. Could you please explain further?
Hello Ethan,

First you need to prepare your installation for Unofficial Parts. Read more here.
A good tutorial is found here.

Then use the link from Rolf to download the dat-file and make sure to save it in your Unoffical part-folder.
Please remember that this file is, as Rolf says, a raw version, not ready yet.

I have started to prepare the raw file, and will upload it to the Part Tracker soon.
Thanks a bunch!
Done. Uploaded to the Part Tracker now.

[Image: 98385.png]
So now once I get the unofficial parts, the piece will be there?