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Full Version: 6825-1 Cosmic Comet
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I'm new here, and just discovered this whole idea of creating digital Lego files and such. That said, I thought I'd at least try my hand at recreating a couple of my old Space Classic kits (especially since the original instructions were starting to fall apart). This is the first one I tried:

6825-1 - Cosmic Comet

I used LDCad 1.5, and then used MPDCenter to check/update for OMR compliance. At least I THINK I did it all correct. If there's something I did incorrectly, or need to change, don't hesitate to let me know. I'd like to learn on the little ones before I go crazy on some of the bigger models my kids have!
Welcome here!
The model and MPD compliance seem fine! Just two very minor things I noticed: there are multiple license lines in the main model, and the vertical position of the model could be adjusted so that it lies on Y=0 plane.
Thanks for the feedback. I've cleaned up the main model header and adjusted the model so the insert of the first piece (4596 in step 1) sits at 0,0,0 according to the LDCad file. Attached is the updated model.