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Full Version: PDF output LPub3D changed?
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Hi (Trevor),

Just today I noticed there has been a change in the way LPub3D makes a PDF.
Where first all text was still text and all images where individually put on the page, now one page is one whole image?

Why is this? I assume you have good reasons?

Can you undo this or make it optional?
I often rely on the ability to manipulate individual elements in the PDF (with Acrobat Professional) and would very much like this the way it was.

Jaco - I did not intentionally make this change but I confirm that, for some reason, the output format has changed.

I'll take a look.

Ok, i hope you can fix it.
In basicly ALL instructions I've made, I used the pdf's ability to be edited after export. It would be very, very nice if you could bring this 'feature' back.