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Full Version: Part 22391 Nexo Knights part
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Hello talented part authors.

Is there a chance someone could create the new wedge piece from the new Nexo Knights line?


Actually I am working on this.

I am only figuring out how to do the surface the best way as it is basically a concave quad and I want to divide it in a few more triangles.

I want to finish 22483, "Windscreen 4 x 6 x 1 &1/3 pointed" first
Oh fantastic! If that's the Nexo Knights windscreen piece I was going to request that too.
Spectacular! Thank you!
Here is 22391 as a draft version.

- Studs are oriented wrongly (LEGO is written in the wrong direction)
- just noted that some edge lines are missing
- a triangle has a wrong BFC winding

I will correct those tomorrow and it will be on the PT then.
Spectacular my friend! Thank you!