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Full Version: Library localization
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Out of curiosity, are there LDraw programs that support localization according to this specification?

Did not even know this existed.

Are there recent versions of these files? And if so why are they not included in the complete.zip?
I think the intent was that these files would be created by either the program author or a native speaker in need and not LDraw.org
I do not know about any and I don't even hope in any. We have an experience in our Czech LUG: people started to translate part names, even created "the official vocabulary" - and nobody started to use that. In the new version of our web, the vocabulary disappeared silently, I believe. And nobody cares.

The reason is simple: people want to understand each other. So if they discuss buying parts they use bricklink terminology, whatever the "language" is. Why should I describe something in some Czech words and hope that the other one translates that to the same part name? Simply use that part name directly.

It's enough that LDraw, Bricklink and LEGO have different names for same brick names, brick numbers or colors, sometimes.
I completely agree with you. But I was asked, so...
Just look in the "Localisations" Folder in the LDraw Parts Library installed by the AIOI.

Don't know if this program counts, but it is made to help create these tranlation files.


[Image: main.png]
Yes, that's THE program using this spec. Unfortunately while it's alone it's a dead end...