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21003 - Seattle Space Needle

This is an alternate version using LDCad flexible elements, optimized for rendering in Studio. The flexible elements are as close to the correct length as I could get (133mm according to instructions, 133.11mm here).

Because this model already appears in the OMR, no attempt at OMR compliance was made.

Awesome, I updated the file on the OMR with your hoses and added a HISTORY line.
(2016-02-14, 17:03)Damien Roux Wrote: [ -> ]Architecture / 21015 - The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

In case anyone's curious, the Lego (or at least LDraw) version of this tower tilts at an angle of 5.39753 degrees, close to the real tower's historical maximum of 5.5 degrees, but rather more than its current tilt of just under 4 degrees.  Big Grin
(2016-02-14, 17:06)Damien Roux Wrote: [ -> ]Architecture / 21019 - The Eiffel Tower

This is an alternate version with the flex axles adapted for correct photoreal rendering in Studio. (I have opted for the corresponding "flat silver" rubber color on the axles.) EDIT: On further investigation, that may not be the right choice. The real part has a distinct sheen that's not well represented by the rubber color, at least in this renderer. I will update the file to revert to color 179.

OMR compliant: Yes, with all unofficial donor parts inlined. (The image shows the alternate French nameplate; in the model, the English version is used.)
Done with LDCad 1.6c, rendered in Studio 2.1.3 (4)

By the way, what's the general feeling about submitting our own versions of models that already appear in the OMR? Is there any interest in having multiple versions, or is it intended to only hold a single copy of each official model?

I've been going through and building the entire Architecture theme myself, just because I like to. Smile I don't mind sharing what I've built, but I'm also just as happy not to bother OMRizing them if there's no need.
21038 – Las Vegas
(Original, unreleased version featuring Mandalay Bay hotel)

This was made using Tom Alphin's instructions, based on a real copy of the official set, with some corrections.


OMR compliant: Yes
Missing: None
Errors: None*
Done with LDCad 1.6d

*Note: You must use the inlined subparts for the Egyptian headdress in LDCad. Otherwise, it will display the older official pattern subpart with hard-colored Dark Blue stripes instead of the correct Medium Blue.
(2019-02-24, 4:35)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]21041 - Great Wall of China

OMR Compliant
Missing: 1x8 tile with Great Wall of China or 长城

The Chinese language version is now on PT:
(2019-02-19, 16:13)Orion Pobursky Wrote: [ -> ]21047 - Las Vegas

OMR Complaint
Missing: 1x8 tile with Las Vegas, 1x2 tile with Welcome to Las Vegas sign
Notes: The pharaoh headdress is set to gold, it should be changed to tan when the part is fixed.

The 1x2 tile is now on PT:
And the Pharaoh headdress is fixed, on the PartTracker.
Sneak peek. Still need to finish the West Wing and make the new label tile (this model omits the word "The").

Edit: Also need to make the U.S. Flag tile
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