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Full Version: How to compile LPub3D on Linux?
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Hello Trevor.

I tried to compile LPub3D on Linux but no success so far. Please, what's the proper way?
(I can compile old LPub4 with no problem.)

My attempt: qmake && make


1. some files and directories have wrong case in their names, usual problem with sources coming from Windows. I fixed that.
2. qmake warns and make of some files reports an error that I do not have windows.h - what to set on unix-like systems?
3. build.h is missing, how/where I can get it?
4. are there more changes since LPub4, which may cause problems? More libraries etc.?

Thank you,

Hi Milan,

Sorry but I have not compiled on Linux.

I did compile LPub3D v0.8.0 (not released) on OSX some time ago but a lot has been added since then.

I'm in the process of porting the base to Qt 5.5 and that is taking my spare time at the moment - plus a little bug-fixing :-)

Once, I've completed the port to Qt 5, I plan to spend some time on making the base multi-platform ready.

OK. Let me know then, I can compile and test it on Linux and make rpm and deb packages for several Linux distros then.
It would be awesome to get a Mac (and Linux) version of LPub3D!
I would love to see this hit Linux. If there's anything testing wise that I can do to help let me know. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04LTS right now, soon to be 16.04LTS.