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Full Version: Part 64867
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To my surprise, part 64867 isn't available in LDraw (yet).
I'm missing it for one of the mixels.

Anyone willing to make it? Smile
OK. I'll accept the challange. The part is present in LDD and an export is possible.
Here is a beginning, but it is very much, still a work in progress.

[Image: 64867.png]
Good luck, that mesh is especially crappy Wink
Thanks! I already imagined it wouldn't be the most easy part.
Good luck! Smile
I don't know if you own this part, but if you need some pictures from the bottom, just let me know...
Are you telling me the LDD mesh is not correct?
The bottom of LDD 64867 is the same as 48933, but the real part 64867 has 3 open stud tubes and no bars.
So you can say that the LDD mesh is not correct in all areas :-)
[Image: 64867bottom.jpg]
OK, I see. I have to sharpen my knifes....


(picture is a link to the Part Tracker for downloading of all needed files)
Very nice! Thanks! Big Grin