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Full Version: LDraw Facebook Group
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For those who use Facebook, I've created a Group there for discussing LDraw related topics. Please join if you would like to participate.

The intent is not to compete with these forums, but a lot of people may not know about the forums, or may be more active on Facebook, so it provides another venue to talk about LDraw.

Is that visible only with a FB account?
This initative is in contrast with:


We will discuss this in the SteerCo as LDraw.org already has a page on FB https://www.facebook.com/ldraworg.

(2016-01-21, 20:14)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: [ -> ]Is that visible only with a FB account?

It does not seems so. I don't have a FB account and this is what I see when I click the link: