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Full Version: LDraw vs. LDD: 8 - 3
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In the recent TechnicBricks challenge (reverse engineer a 2012 Technic model and produce a CAD model), 8 out of 11 submissions were made with LDraw! LDD was hampered with a big problem: the 3711 chain link (a key element in the model) is missing in the latest release...
In the LDraw camp, I was surprised to see that "only" two models were created with SR3D builder, despite the many odd angles of this building...
Adding to this I've come across a number of issues with LDD that make it a less interesting choice.

I recently prepared a test file with parts I wanted to add to our LUGBULK order. I used 2 different LDD installations on 2 different computers and some of the parts I included on one machine were not available on the other, despite the fact that on both I have enabled the extended mode. I could open files made on the other machine and see all the parts even though I did not have access to them in the parts library of the second, but the experience was quite negative. Part availability should be progressive, not reducing and if some parts could be seen

I also tried to export an LDD file to LDraw and the result was disappointing. Parts went missing that are (and have been) available in LDraw and needed to be added manually.

Part placement issues are another thing on LDD. Sometimes building is faster, but at other times it is quite impossible to place a part correctly even though the assembly you are trying to make is copied from a LEGO instruction booklet and so "legal".

Over all, LDraw is still a long way ahead of LDD when it comes to versatility and the ability to use the same file in different editors and viewers. And that is without even starting on publication options which in LDD continue to be terrible.
I'm confused, can you please edit your post and carefully check where you meant LDRAW and where LDD?
Sorry, got it backwards on the first line... flu etc.