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Full Version: Lost Eurobricks account details
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Hi Folks,

Recently I tried to login at the Eurobricks forums with my account username and password.
It had been a while since I logged in and it turns out I have forgotten my password.
Then I requested to resent my password but did not get any e-mail.
Next I tried to create a new account with another E-mailaddress.
It turned out that I apparently used that E-mailaddress before on Eurobricks so I have 2 accounts.
Alas I do not know the username of that second account and neither the password.
Then I requested to resent my password for that second account but did not get any e-mail.
Next I tried to create a new account with yet another E-mailaddress that I did not use before.
All goes well, except there is still no conformation mail.
It's been days since I tried all that and got no E-mail with details on how to log in on my old accounts or activate my new account.
There's no E-mail in the SPAM or unwanted items.

Then I decided to sent an E-mail to the admins of Eurobricks (a few days ago now) to enlighten me on how to retreive my account information. Disapointing enough I have not heard from them since.

So: does anyone know how to contact Eurobricks?
Has anyone had this problem before?

I'd like to post something there and ask someone a question, but now I cannot do that :-(

Any Eurobricks admins here on the LDraw forums?

I'm 'regulator' on EB (kind of moderator's assistant) Wink

I've heard that there are problems with sending emails from the server at the moment (actually, for a while I believe). I have no idea if these problems are related to yours, but I'll ask.
Thanks Merlijn.
I've sent you a mail to info.binarybricks.nl. I suppose you do receive those? Wink
Merlijn, I have not received mail at infoATbinarybricksDOTnl.
Perhaps you can use sjaackoATgmailDOTcom?
Thanks Merlijn! ;-)