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Full Version: LDCad 1.0 Beta 2 available (incl Linux version)
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I'm going to fix some minor bugs this weekend in order to get to a definitive 1.0 version somewhere next week.

So if anybody is having (rendering) problems or (very small) requests please report them as soon as possible.

Also once I released the def. 1.0 version I'm starting work on 1.1 which will have a couple of major new features. I'm still open for suggestions on additional (larger) features, so feel free to trow in your 2cts in about such things.

Things I decided on myself (e.g. 99% certain to be included) are:

(optional) Split view (the classic 4 views e.g. mlcad uses).
Additional part bin groups (parts in current step, parts in model, etc).

Things I might add depending on time and or complexity etc:

Tubes, wires and other 'flexable' parts (maybe springs to).
a minifig generator.

Any additions / ideas are welcome.
Have you found the time to compile more information about this issue?

Because I can't reproduce this on any of my systems, but with them all having ATI hardware I'm suspecting this is an NVIDIA issue?
I clean installed my parts library and there's not issue.

Ok, there are no video issues when running Windows. They only show up when I use my virtualization software. So basically this isn't something that wrong with your program.

I also noticed a similar dual lighting problem with the Linux open source Radeon driver that's not present in the AMD one, this might be a similar driver bug.

Or I'm doing something wrong, but Mesa renders it correctly and at the moment I've taken the rule 'if mesa renders it correctly, glitches on other platforms are most likely driver bugs', based on Travis' side notes.

Anyway thanks again.
Beta 2 just as Beta 1 is working great on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Beta 2). Full release is only 6 days away so I think it's safe to safe it will continue to function.

Edit: I'm running 64bit.

EDIT2: No idea why I posted here since I am already on 1.0... I'm loosing my mind, please ignore.
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