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Full Version: Call For Votes: Spaces in filenames
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Please vote on the proposal below. Please modify the Subject to include your name and vote, in addition to giving your vote in the text.

Update the LDraw File Format 1.0.0 document in the following two ways:
  1. Remove the following sentence from the File Name portion of the LDraw Files section:
    Quote:For reasons of cross-platform and cross-(programming) language portability, the use of white space characters (such as space and tab) in filenames is strongly discouraged.

  2. Update the sentence immediately following the above to read as follows:
    Quote:Special characters, such as &, #, |, and ?, should be avoided as they may also cause cross-platform issues and create problems when used in URLs.
    Note: the only change to the existing sentence is the removal of the word "Other" from the beginning, and the capitalization of "Special".
I vote YES.
I thought that there was agreement that this relaxation would not apply to parts files. Or did I misunderstand? I would certainly need to assess the impact of this on the Parts Tracker.
The pre-existing part file restrictions document specifies the exact characters that are allowed in part filenames, and space isn't one of the allowed characters. (It also limits filename length to 25 total characters.)
Thanks. In which case I vote Yes.