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Full Version: LDView problem on Ubuntu 11.10
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When I try to set the LDraw dir in LDView the file dialog pops up for half a second, then LDView closes. I have reinstalled the .deb package several times and a still get this problem. What do I do? In my mind LDView is the best viewer out there I need to get it up and running. I tried using the built in function to download the parts library, but when the file dialog for that pops up, LDView still crashes. :-(
I have a few things to say in response:
  • First of all, while I am the author of LDView, I don't maintain the Qt version (which is what is used in Linux). I'll see if LDView's Qt maintainer has anything to say.
  • I've had nothing but trouble with people getting LDView 4.1 to work on various recent Linux distributions. (I had a post in another thread about shared libraries that somewhat explains this.)
  • There are too many Linux distributions for me (or LDView's Qt maintainer) to even think about verifying compatibility on all of them. Having said that, Ubuntu is one of the most popular (possibly the most popular), so we do try our best to support it.
I'll get back to you once I know more, but it might take a while. If I don't already have an Ubuntu 11.10 VM, I'll have to download the install and create a VM, which takes time. Just for clarity, are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?
You can download preinstalled images for both virtualbox and vmware at various places, that should help save some time.
Uh.. Forgive me if I seem a bit naggy, but... Have you talked to the Qt guy yet? It's been a while.
Sorry. It got lost in the shuffle. Try running LDView from the command line. I believe you'll get an error indicating which shared library/libraries is/are missing. We can go from there once I know which ones are missing.
Please try the following package:


Please note that the above is a build done on Ubutnu 11.10 of the current LDView development source code. This means that it has new unreleased features, as well as a number of unreleased bug fixes, but it hasn't been tested as much as a normal release, so it could also have new bugs. However, since the released one isn't working for you at all, it should hopefully at least be better than that.
Thank you!! it works!!!