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Full Version: [Sticky] Parts for urgent review
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I've made this a sticky thread. Please add parts whose absence makes a major gap in the library. Try to stick to older parts (more than 1 year on the PT) but if a new part is important and appears to be overlooked (eg. new basics like tiles, plates and bricks) add it too.

And for those who wish to help review but don't know how, try this tutorial.

For example:

The 4.5V and 12V have been on the PT for a long time.
having authored the 12V parts, I'm happy and thankful to see this post.

however, there has been a big confusion previously about how to code the metal portions of them.

this thread has cleared up the issue for me
, but I still need a final okay from Chris to modify the files accordingly.

the metal color problem will also affect these parts:
Perhaps it would be best to just get them certified and modify the colour in Admin Edit?
Good idea. Additionally, take a look at the File Queue, which I believes lists parts on the tracker in oldest-first order.

(Note you need an LDraw.org account to view the Queue. Are part tracker privileges still added manually? As I recall from my own experience, that was another obstacle to participating in the part authoring/review process - figuring out who to email to ask for access.)

One thing that comes to mind as I look at the queue of oldest parts is that I don't physically have [m]any of them. Say I was interested in helping to process these parts (I am); is it acceptable to post reviews about the implementation (e.g. does it comply w/various standards) without comparing to the actual part? Perhaps just as comments, leaving the voting to others. You don't need to it physically possess parts to review them.
... to batch-correct all of them, but I'm still waiting for the final go.

The 12V train points are still far from perfect, but I'd want to let them go with a (Needs Work) in the title
to have at least a first iteration out
Maybe drop Chris an email. The sooner you can get the happy versions up, the sooner people can get cracking on reviewing.
Yes, Author and Reviewer privileges are still added manually and, yes, you do need an LDraw.org account to be granted these. But, unless I am on vacation, rarely does it take more than 24 hours, bearing in mind that I may not be in the same time-zone as the requestor.

I have followed the leads of previous Library Admins in trying to see some "LDraw credentials" - such as authoring - before granting Review access, but I can see how that might preclude some from contributing as reviewers. It is increasing difficult to find "easy" parts for novices to author and gain experience.

I'd be happy to see some discussion on this point - in the meantime, I'll update the "Review Parts" paragraph on the Parts Tracker home page, to clarify how to request that.

There are currently 60 registered reviewers, but I've not done any analysis to see how many are active.
To be fair, Steffen has already emailed me about the metal colour usage question. It's just that the discussion thread got so fragmented it was hard for me to figure out what I was being asked to approve. I believe I have that clarity now, and hope to get to it this week.
Hello Chris,
seeing your post here, I fear that some mail between us must have been lost :-(
I'm going to re-send you my mail from 2011-11-04
Well, from my wanted list:


So far, you guys have done a pretty good job of getting some of the more important ones finished up and certified, for which I'm thankful. But much like a 3 year-old, I want more! Big Grin
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