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Full Version: Wanted someone to build Lego models of pump stations
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I am looking for a individual that is already skilled in the LEGO AUTO-CAD Program and interested in being paid to create a model using LEGO Parts based on the picture below. If the first one is a success we will have several more designs that we would like to do. I would like them to already understand the program and all aspects of the LEGO CAD to create a model of a pump station. I understand that the program allows for bill of materials to be created and the parts can be ordered to assemble the design. The desired end result is to receive the file, then order the all the parts and assemble the model into a presentation piece. The scale will need to be played with based on the scale and availability of the LEGO parts.
Auto-CAD has nothing to do with ldraw. And this is my opinion but money has also nothing to do with ldraw...
Maybe you should better ask a LCP (LEGO Certified Professional).
Here is a link to the Company of our German LCP (They speak English as well): design-in-stein.de

I hope this helps a bit.