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Full Version: Bionicle Wing Large 60935
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iI someone working at Bionicle Wing Large 60935?
Do you mean "I have a need for this part" or "I want to do it if nobody is working on it"? Wink
...OK, I supposed you need it... so here it is!
You're really on a roll lately. I feel like you're creating parts 24/7. Wink
This one was relatively easy since it's a LDD import. Now I still need to solve the issues mentionned by Max on PT, caused by weird mesh structure that went wrong when adapting to primitives of beam section...
...and yes, it's an addiction...
English is not my language so is difficult to me explain exactly what i want to say.
I need 60935 in my MOC
Thank you!
Philo did this part this month.
Please see: The Parts Tracker Page for this part.
You need to download this and it's subpart and add both to your "unofficial parts" folder, which I hope you have. Otherwise you can even save it in your regular parts folder, but this returns in a mess due to the mix of official and unofficial parts in this folder.