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Full Version: Error in part 72504 ?
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Part 72504 Technic Ribbed Hose 2L seems not to be exactly 16mm long. The length is around 15mm:

[Image: 72504_Ribbed_Hose_16mm.jpg]

Actually I'm building set 10134 by using LDcad. There are 5 pieces #72504 positioned inline on an axle:

[Image: 72504_Ribbed_Hose_16mm_2.jpg]

Images at the web show no gap between these pieces, so I expect that the IRL length is 16mm. As I do not own this set or piece, I am not 100% sure it's an error.

May anybody let me know what the real length is?

thanks and kind regards
As far as I can remember from my 8428 this hose is indeed a little bit shorter than a two-studded brick. Unfortunately I have no access to the set at the moment.

I don't have 10134 set, but I measured 6 ribbed hose 2L from my stock, got 14.52mm, 14.85mm 15.04mm, 14.78mm, 14.40mm, 14.86mm. Some dispersion, but always significantly shorter than 16mm...
If you prefer, you may also generate a 16mm ribbed hose with LdCad flexible part generator...
Executive summary: No error in part 72504!

Thanks to both of you for your fast response. Special thanks to Phillipe for precision measurements!