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Full Version: A few questions about making patterned parts
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For some reason, I decided I wanted to make all the Adventurers sets in LDraw, but complete including all missing patterns etc.
Aside for a bunch missing parts which I hope someone can make (for example this, this, this, this or this), there are also a lot of missing stickers and patterns.

Now, I have no idea if I'll ever finish all these Adventurers sets (sadly, I'm known for not finishing things...), I do have a few 'general' questions.
I'm quite new to making LDraw parts. I did a few patterned parts about a year ago (with help from Philo, thanks Philo!), but I'm stuck now with 2 things:
  1. How can I make a patterned minifig head? Does someone maybe have a LPC template?
  2. I wanted to make this pattern (I do have this part in real life btw Wink ), but when I import the 'projection' data in LPC, a lot of the shape is missing. Is that because it uses these 'primitives' or something like that?

And aside from that, I also have this question about LPC:
When I import a brick as projection data in LPC, there's an option that says 'Edit reference lines'. That way I can remove those green reference lines, but I can't remove the yellow dots and when I export the part, LPC still splits at the spots where there used to be a green line.

Hopefully my questions are clear and somebody would like to take the time to answer these Smile
The templates are more than the green lines, if you go and edit one you will see.

Look at this thread here, Philo explains how to create a new template.

The key here is the CUT instructions in the template definition.

Try removing this CUT instruction and your quads should not be split, but save it under a different name :-)