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Full Version: Sets 100 - 110
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All models of official models should go here.

OMR conform
No missing parts.

OMR conform
one parts is missing: White Brick 1 x 6 with Canada Post Logo Pattern

Edit: Please not that the subject of this thread is correct now according: http://www.ldraw.org/article/593.html whereas the filenames are not. There should not be a space around the "-" if it separates the optional qualifier from setnumber.
I do not know if this is a change or I badly read the specification. I have to adjust MPDCenter for OMR conform names. So please be carefully until the next release. - cu Mike
I've made that UNICEF part. You should find it in you ldraw library as it as been officially released.
Yep. Michael, there is an excellent application called LDFind to locate such parts ;D
Maybe this is UNICEF's version of the truck without the logo after Snowden revealed the NSA were spying on them ;p

On a slightly more serious note, the clips/accessories are slightly misplaced.
Thanks for mention this. Now corrected.
It seems that my LDFind directory is not my current library Sad
I found it and it looks great. Thank you.
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