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Full Version: Mesh from Lego games
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Thank you a lot. Almost done. Left 2 things.
1. I dont know what ID i have to give to arm, but if it movable it has to be separate part.
2. Edges and condlines( it is my curse, i always have problem with them in camplicated meshes)
ups, o forgot to add tail connector
I would be interested in how to extract minifig bones and walking/running/other animations into Blender.
try to look here
I played around with few other parts, and fiigured out that they differs a lot from original. So it is sensless to convert them(
Already Jabba's was wrong (traight instead of curved), fortunately the head was OK.
The program that I used for converting .OBJ to .DAT was one called 3Dto3D that was command line driven. Though to run it in windows 7 or later may require using an emulator like DosBox.
(2015-12-23, 20:48)Stan Isachenko Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all. I found way how to extract mesh from Lego Star Wars. I have this *.obj file, but i have questions. Is there any way to convert it to dat format, and find right scale. If we find solution, we can extract a lot of meshes( mostly minifigs and creatures) and convert them to ldraw( than clean up ,add conditional lines and edges)

It would be interesting if you could extract the bones and animations too.
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