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Full Version: Call for votes: Document description prefixes in Official Library Header Specification
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Please vote on the following change to the Official Library Header Specification:

Quote:Appendix VI
Programs relying on the parts.lst file rather then the LDRAW_ORG meta-statement use special characters to prevent the parts being included in the list:
  • The descriptions of all subparts (i.e. line 4 = '0 !LDRAW_ORG Subpart') must start with '~'.
  • The description of all obsolete parts, maintained for backwards compatibility must start with '~'.
  • The descriptions of all aliases (i.e. line 4 = '0 !LDRAW_ORG Part Alias') must start with '='.
  • The descriptions of all physical colour parts (i.e. line 4 = '0 !LDRAW_ORG Part Physical_Colour') should start with '_' .
The use of '~' for non "s\" part files is at the author's discretion, to hide mouldings that are not released independently. This is one case where merely reading the LDRAW_ORG line is insufficient for tools to know how to treat the file.
I vote yes.
I vote yes in this completely different thread too.
I vote Yes.
Since the LDraw Standard Board only has three members currently, this passes unanimously. Can someone perform the edit on the official document, please?
I'll add it but since Orion is working on the CMS I'd rather wait 'til the site is fully back.

The Official Library Header Specification page has been updated.