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Full Version: Rendering issue with base plate textures
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I have a texture issue when rendering certain base plates. I use SR3D Builder for construction, then LDView and POV-Ray 3.7 for the rendering.

As you can see in the image attached I get a weird texture problem with the baseplates. Note the white/green "noise" around the edges of the pave and in the middle "island", and how the lines doesn't follow the edge of the green areas like it should, or bend at the end of the road in a correct way. It's like the actual road pattern has been mirrored or something... It is not supposed to look like this. Anyone who has experienced the same thing or has any ideas?

I have drawn some arrows to point out what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/1iN4BWV.png
Hej Jonas,

What partnumber is this? Looks like a mixture of two patterned parts.
Could you upload a copy of the dat-file you're trying to render?
Looks like color bleeding through.

Are these official parts or are they custom made by using multiple quads stacked on each other (same Y position) to create details and or two sided colors etc.
Thank you for the replies!

I've attached the .dat-files and LGEO versions of these two bricks in particular.

I do believe they are official parts, yes, but I cannot tell how they're built.
If I had to guess, I would say that the LGEO version of this part is broken and responsible for the problems you are seeing. Try disabling LGEO support in the LDView POV Export options. To do that, uncheck the "Use XML mapping file" setting in the "Native POV Geometry" section of LDView's POV export options. Then, export to POV again and render.

If that solves the problem, then you could delete these parts from the LGEO.xml file used by LDView, and doing so would allow you to have LGEO enabled for other parts and disabled for these (broken) parts.
Without knowing much about LGEO part, I agree. I see no error in the dat-files.
I will correct the LGEO parts. Give me a few days.
Big thanks for your help!

I did what you suggested, Travis, and it worked! Guess we can clearly say it is the LGEO files that are corrupt.
That sounds great, Damien!