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Full Version: Feature idea/request LPub3D: local page orientation?
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Hi all, Trevor?

Would it be possible to locally set the page orientation in LPub3D?
Sometimes I find it is better to start portrait (in the early stages of building) and then later move to landscape orientation (because the model gets to big)
Or on a specific multistep page it turns out better to temporally switch orientation of the page.

Tevor: are you still working on LPub3D? The last message and post is that from this thread
Since then I have not heard from you. I know we all are busy and this LDraw thing is pure hobby and done in our precious free time, but since you showed such promising screenshots I hoped you would have released a new build for your great adaptation of LPub!

Hi Jaco - Yes, I'm still developing LPub3D. Look for some more new features in version 1.3 shortly.

-print/export all pages, current page, page range (e.g. 1,5,8,11-21...)
-Lars C. Hassing's ldrawini library to allow multiple LDraw libraries and/ro custom ldraw content

Hi Trevor,

Best wishes for 2016 (and to all else who read this!)

Are you able to share a new version (or beta) of LPub3D with the new features?


Best wishes to you also.

I can come to you today with a good answer - Yes !

See my other post for details. Don't hesitate to send your feedback.

Thanks for your patience.