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Full Version: 10240 UCS Red Five X-wing Starfighter [Star Wars]
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10240 UCS Red Five X-wing Starfighter [Star Wars]

[Image: 10240%20-%20UCS%20Red%20Five%20X-wing%20Starfighter.jpg]

Download MPD-file (OMR compliant)

Done with LDCad 1.4b (Win XP).
OMR compliance powered by MPD Center.

- No display
- No stickers
- No patterned parts

According to the instructions there are 61 main steps and 66 submodels.
Added to AIOI. Thanks for sharing.

Great model.

I would like to ask : how could it be OMR complient with errors and missing patterned parts and stickers?

Shouldn't be the model 100% complete?
Good question! You are right....

I do not have a good answer: MPD center just declared my file as OMR compliant. So I am happy with this.

Hopefully somebody else gives a better explanation.
As far as I understand it, all MPD center says is, that the file is formatted correctly. Not that the model is correct...
...and I see really no way it could do that!!!
It couldn't of course.

This was only something I though about...
I don't mean to change anything, but if one day we have an official model repository, we should classified models depending if they are complete or not.

Anyway, it is not the place to discuss that, and the model and its render is great.
OMR compliance means that it conforms to the spec. The OMR itself errs on inclusion as opposed to exclusion so incomplete in the respect that is missing stickers, exact printed parts, etc. would be allowed.