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Full Version: iOS Editor
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Hello all,
I'm just checking to see if there is any possibility of getting someone to compile an editor for iOS. A search on the forums show last commentary from about 2 years ago. With the pending release of the iPad Pro and pencil it seems like a perfect fit for editing on the go.

If it's a matter of software development costs to Apple, I'd bet we could find a way to help get some community contributions (read: I'd chip in).

Doing some searches for "iPad" to see about continued interest...

I don't need contributions; I just need time Smile. I've been working on it a bit more as of late, and am proud to say that I only have one major feature left (and many minor features/bugfixes) to figure out: part snapping. Otherwise, my hope is that even a seven-year old should be able to uss a fully-featured Ldraw-compatible editor Smile

Functional (albeit maybe not bug-free) features:
-Dropbox integration
-Ldraw file compatibility
-Part browsing and search through all of the Ldraw parts
-6 degrees of freedom - with gyroscope support to make models pop off the screen
-Submodel creation and editing
-Step creation and editing
-Color sampling from active model
-Intuitive controls!

Missing features
-Snapping. Mathematically interesting
-Help/User guides