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Full Version: PovRay Rendering of chrome parts
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does someone have tried to render a part with one of the chrome colors (60, 61, 62, 63)? If I try this I get pure white bricks.
I exported the brick with ldview to povray and it seems that something is wrong with the LDXChromeRefl parameter. I changed it from 0.85 to 0.6 and my brick is at least visible.
Con someone confirm this?

Best Regards

Do you have something to reflect in your scene? Othetwise it will reflect nothing, so that's maybe why you have a blank part.
Hi Damien,

hmm good point. I just tried to render a single brick. Which might be some kind of special situation.
I tweaked the lg_colors.inc to make chrome parts look like this (chrome air horns on the roof of the trucks) and I'm quite happy with the result:

[Image: 22241269351_e0865101b9_c.jpg]
LEGO MAN TGM/ Metz L32 Ladder - Drehleiter by Niklas-B, auf Flickr
[Image: 22218366632_47e35a5c1e_c.jpg]
LEGO MAN TGM Heavy Rescue Truck - R├╝stwagen by Niklas-B, auf Flickr

If you're interested, I can give you the file or the values I used.