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Full Version: Create a string 11L in LDCad
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Hi all,

How do I create, curve and position a string 11L in LDCad?
[Image: 6037558.jpg]
I am wrestling with it and cannot get a hold of things.
You can use the normal LQ rope template to start with.

Once a copy is in your mpd go to its session and add the end studs (572a.dat) set the one near path point #2 to the 'end' group using its property dialog. Optionally rotate everything so its x or z orientated and the start stud is at 0,0,0. And finally use the grouping menu to 'Update auto groups' so the endings will act as one.

You could also do this for a custom template by coping the LQ rope one and doing the above thing in the copy (you'll have to restart the program for it to show up in the bins). Afterwards you can use it like the other templates.

I'll add a default template for this part in the next version.
Hmm, I read what you say and beginning to understand a little.
I'll give it a try. Thanks.
OK, I got it!
Not perfect but getting there.