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Full Version: [LDView] LDView 4.2 Beta 1 for OSX bug report
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The export function does not work for LDView 4.2 Beta 1 on OSX. I can pick "Export" from the file menu but the dialog box never appears. This function does work on 4.1. I'm currently running OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
Thanks for the report. It works for me in Yosemite. I plan to update to El Capitan, but haven't yet. I'll try to track down the problem once I have done so. Out of curiosity, does Save Snapshot work? Also, does anything show up in Console.app when you try Export and it fails?
I just upgraded to 10.11.1. Export now works. However, if I choose "Options" and then click OK, the options dialog does't close. I click anywhere in outside the Options dialog, it closes. If I click the OK button, LDView crashes crashes. Attached is the crash report.