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Full Version: LICreator - Part connections
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After import model from TRAC3R.ldr I have this. What it is best way to detect parts that do not be connected|inside other. ?!
I know boundingBox ,filename and other data.
Can you please upload your original file where the model is still in a good shape?
For me it seems to be a bad inlining that causes this broken model.
You get what you wish. In mathematical way how I can know that is not another part in surrounding of selected part ?!.
I don't understand - your model looks nice and fully connected? - not at all as shown in your screenshot.
Thank you for sharing the model. I can not see any reason that your problems results from the model. So it has to be something with LICreator and your usage of that application. Maybe somebody else can clearify this problem.
when I open the model in LDView, it also looks fine to me, not at all as shown in your screenshot
This look like is everything is all right with model. So I go back to my question.
I know boundingBox ,filename and other data. If it is possibility to check Rectangle (X,Y,WT,HT) in area of Rectangle2 (X2,Y2,WT2,HT2). Or it is another method to check that nothing is in surrounding of selected part ?.
I am really sorry, but I do not understand what you are trying to tell us.
Maybe I am stupid.
Please try again in very simple sentences.
This not anyone's fault. I described developer problem here at all.
Maybe I'm too close to the forest to see the trees. When I catch the drift I go back to this topic.
What I understand is that he wants to have a mathematical way to see if a part intersects another.

i.e. if a pin is in a pinhole of a beam.

and also the reverse case, if a part is not connected to anything, i.e. floating in the air.
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