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Full Version: LICreator - Weight of brick
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I have task to accomplish with calculate total weight of model. bricklink.com and bricker.info have this value.
I look into result of LDMakeList ,use LDFind ,check .dat file without look.
Where is the place to go or method to use for get list of weight of brick.
unfortunately the 'LDraw bricks' are created for modeling only. This means, there is no more information saved to a part than its geometry and the tags in the header. Some programmers for modeler software have added connectivity information as well, cause it makes digital building easier.
The only way I see (for the moment): Take you file, try to export it as a file for Brickstock (maybe Brickstock can read in ldr/mpd files by it self - I don't know..) and look at the result... But keep in mind that some parts are can be wrong cause the databases do not match (exactly).

You can download the information as an XLS/CSV file from Bricklink (Catalogue -> Catalogue Download, and be sure to check the box for weight) and let the program use this list as a base information.
You have the part number in there and the weight.
Wow, good question.

I think it should be possible to write a program which calculates the volume which an LDRAW part file encloses
and calculate the weight of a part from that, assuming that it is only made of ABS.

At least as a rough estimate, this could help "weighing" a model.
Hi guys.
I download xml file from http://www.bricklink.com/catalogDownload.asp.
Parse and convert to INI File format. In this scenario in next release this App can estimate weight of model.
I put in configuration file opportunity to choose name of part that must be excluded from brewing of -- like base plate parts.