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Full Version: Assistance in installing
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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here so ill add a quick introduction of myself:

Hello all, my name here is Home Brew (aka Michael Nelson) I am a gamer, but also a 3D modeler, using programs such as Blender and photoshop to produce coolish models, ive found LDraw looking to rebuild a LEGO set from when i was younger, the 4743 Ice Blade from the Alpha Team theme.

So with that in mind the default LDraw build does not come with 6 pieces that i need to complete and i've not found enough resources to rebuild these pieces from scratch.

If someone could help me figure out how to install the .dat files from the unofficial list of parts it would be great!

(Also as a extra note, i need parts #47846 #4868b #4869 #44032 #44034 and #47843

Included below is a picture of how far i've completed, and a extra image of a custom lego figure hailing from the dropped LEGO Universe game from 2010-2012:

[Image: lego5.png?psid=1]

[Image: lego8.png?psid=1]
Which Draw program are you using? MLCad, LDCad, etc...
Right now i use LeoCad
Any help?
Hello Michael,

Almost all your wanted parts are available as unofficial parts. The only one missing is 44034.
4869 is an official part. You should be able to find it in your Parts folder.
If not, maybe you should reinstall the complete library.

Handling unofficial parts is described here and a good tutorial is found here.
Alright thanks!