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Full Version: 21303 - Wall-E
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[Image: 21303-1.jpg]

Complete with printed tiles

feedback welcome.

Looks very nice, but the image is missing. I guess you forgot to use a deep link on brickshelf Wink
What about posting it also on Eurobricks?
Thanks Philo,

I forgot to login on brickshelf before copying the link.
Now, the image should display.
Really nice set !

What did you use to render it?
I rendered it with Povray, using LGEO parts and I created the missing LGEO parts using your method.
Not OMR compliant.

How did you created the parts that are not in the LGEO library?
I'm always trying to fond new methods.
The missing parts are created with Solidworks, exported to STL, then converted with STL2Pov into povray code. After that, I add subfiles and LGEO primitives if needed.

-At first I exported to .dat and got a huge Ldraw folder since my version of STL2Dat was malfunctionning.

Now I just have a large LGEO folder (almost 4 Go including your own library).
Creating parts with Solidworks is quite easy. It take from a few minutes to a couple of hours tops.
I've created almost 200 parts since you shared with me the working STL2pov 2.44.

I guess it is a similar method you are using exept you use CATIA , nothing new.
OK same method then.

Execpt I'm reworking all my parts with PoseRay and Meshlab cause I've realized that stl2pov creates duplicated surfaces and doesn't generate good normals. You can usually see it on flat surfaces, there are some weird "lines".
Yes, I noticed these glitches also...I'm curious to know how you correct this issue.

[edit] OK Using Meshlab to convert .STL to .obj and then Poseray to convert .obj to .inc give a nicer result...and a smaller file.

Is it the way you proceed ?
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