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Full Version: Broken images on wiki
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I started cleaning up some old tutorials on the wiki, but the images aren't showing up. You can see here that a lot of images are affected:


Any change we can get this fixed?
I'm very busy at the moment but the wiki is on my server, not the main LDraw one, so I'll try to look into this.
Not to stress you but... any news?
I totally forgot about this. Now that it's holidays and I'm not leaving Hawaii, I'll have more time for website work.
I have no access to that part of the wiki but I'll ping Orion.

Fixed now. I also decided to remove the draconian user sign up that we had. It'll require more vigilance to prevent spam but I'm tired of having to approve user requests.
Awesome! However, images are for some reason not being treated as block-level objects. For instance, in this page:


the images all appear to the right of text instead of breaking onto a new line.


Never mind. It can be fixed with wikimarkup.
I tried editing a page and adding an external link but got this error:

[Image: th_ldraw_wiki_error_zps43zhap9u.png]

I'm trying to update some dead links in an article, but the Captcha to pass the block did not load properly.
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